Orangutans are known to be quite gentle and timid animals.  In years of fieldwork, scientist find them to be introverted, shy and tend to sit and watch the humans gawking at them when they sit up high among the trees.  Due to their nature, the wildlife researchers and even guides consider it an absolute blessing to encounter an Orangutan in the wild.

The Semenggoh Nature Reserve near Kuching is an easily accessed home to a colony of semi-wild orangutans who are accustomed to human encounters. Just 20km south of state capital Kuching lies Sarawak’s first forest reserve. Established in 1920, Semenggoh became a rehabilitation centre for orangutans, honey bears and hornbills in 1975. Semi-wild orangutans live at the sanctuary, having graduated from the infant oriented Matang Wildlife Centre west of Kuching.           

Besides that, Batang Ai National Park is the only place in Sarawak where you can spot orangutans in the wild and is also one of the least known destinations for doing so, thanks to its remote location.