Prof. Shin R. Mukai

Prof Shin R. Mukai graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University in 1989. He started his academic career as a Research Instructor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University in 1992.  He received his Doctor of Engineering degree in 1997 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2000.  In 2006 he moved to Hokkaido University, and became a Professor in the Division of Chemical Process Engineering (presently Division of Applied Chemistry).  He is also serving as the Vice Director of the Frontier Chemistry Center, since 2014, and as the Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, since 2021.

The research topics of Shin R. Mukai are mostly related to porous materials and carbon materials for adsorption, catalysis and energy storage.  His main interests are in the development of new processes to efficiently produce such materials.

Shin R. Mukai received the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan Award for Outstanding Young Researcher in 1998, the Japan Society on Adsorption Encouragement Award in 2005, and the Carbon Society of Japan Academic Award in 2015.

Prof. Youn-Sang Bae